Frequenctly Asked Questions

What’s the difference between v0.9, v1 and v2?

v0.9 and v1 are the same codebase with the same feature set. If the documentation says something about v1, this is usally also valid for v0.9.

v2 was developed while version v1 wasn’t released. In v2 the http code got replaced by libmicrohttpd as well the template engine got rewritten.

Can I update from v0.9 to v1

This is a very smooth update with full compatibility.

Can I update from v0.9/v1 to v2.0.0

You can, if you don’t use:

  • BinVoucher (there is a PR#144)

I would like to use QoS or TrafficControl on OpenWrt

This feature is broken since OpenWrt 12.09 (Attitude Adjustment), because OpenWrt removed the IMQ (Intermediate queueing device) support. We’re looking for somebody who want to fix that.